Valdur Koha

Massachusetts, USA

Valdur Koha serves as an Elder and Teacher in the Boston Church of Christ. He also serves as the president of the European Missions Society and the executive chairman of the Beam Missions Foundation which funds leadership training programs around the world. Valdur is a member of the ICOC Teacher’s Service Team.
Born in Germany in 1955, Valdur lives with his family in Boston since 1985.
Valdur and Irene are married since 1980; they have five sons and one daughter (all disciples) and seven grandchildren.


Community Theology

One of the greatest challenges among Christians is the tension that often arises between hermeneutic and unity. How Scripture is read and lived is of utmost importance (2 Timothy 3:16-17), but so is unity among Jesus’ disciples (John 17:20-23). Often disagreements over hermeneutics result in deep conflicts within and between churches.

The thesis of the talk is twofold: (1) an “interpretative community” practicing “community theology” is better equipped to read Scripture well than an individual; and (2) “community theology” presents a great tool for unity. The class will investigate the biblical foundation for community theology, provide a practical description of its main principles and building blocks, and present a real-life case study (“The Bible and Gender”).

Friday, February 25th

3:30 PM - 4:30 PM




Valdur Koha