Tammy Fleming

Kiev, Ukraine

Tammy Fleming was appointed a women’s ministry leader in the ICOC on the mission field in Stockholm, Sweden in 1987. From there, she and her husband Andy oversaw the planting of 29 churches in Europe and Eurasia, including the Moscow church in 1991. (In total, those congregations’ membership and their plantings exceeded 10,000 in 1999; today the membership number is about 6000.)

Tammy’s permanent residence is now Kyiv, Ukraine. She speaks Swedish and Russian and is learning Ukrainian. She serves on the ICOC Teachers Service Team and is editor of WomenToday.International, the ICOC women’s website. She is an Advanced Grief Recovery Method® Specialist, recently oversaw the translation of the bestseller, The Grief Recovery Handbook into Russian and the training of 15 Grief Recovery Method® Specialists in Russian, in 7 churches and four countries in Europe and Eurasia. She has several published works, notably, Mornings in Matthew, a collection of personal scriptural devotionals. Tammy and her husband Andy just celebrated 34 years of marriage and have two adult children, both disciples, both married, and one Ukrainian grandchild.


Biblical Antidotes for Burnout

One of God’s titles in Scripture is the God of Peace. Jesus offers peace to the weary and burdened, yet he was a man of sorrows who prayed with loud cries and tears during his life on earth. Are there biblical antidotes for burnout? What role do confession and forgiveness play in our level of resilience?

Friday, February 25th

3:30 PM - 4:30 PM




Tammy Fleming