Suzette Lewis

Ontario, Canada

Suzette serves as a Women's Ministry Leader and part of the Senior Leadership Team with the Milestone Churches in Toronto, Canada. She is the Chair of the Race Relations Task Force of the ICOC Teachers Service Team.

Currently, Suzette is the Executive Director for the Murray McKinnon Foundation, responsible for the overall strategic direction and operation of Youth in Conflict with the Law mandates in Canada. She has been a part of a counseling team working with Violence Against Women, Children, and Youth. She is a Qualified Mediator and Trainer of Restorative Practices and Victim Offender Reconciliation and has taught related courses as a College Professor. With concern for her local community, she is also President of Make Your Mark, a Youth Leadership Enterprise that empowers young girls for change and leadership.


The Hidden Code of the Saints

Early Christianity was characterized by symbolism and icons often only understood by those who had been initiated and part of the early church. These signals and their representations have vastly changed over the centuries but in many ways are still obscure and hidden from modern society. Perhaps we can challenge our thinking and stir our imagination for what opportunities may await us if these codes were deciphered, revealing not man's mission but God's.

Friday, February 25th

3:30 PM - 4:30 PM




Suzette Lewis