John Markowski

New York, USA

John Markowski was captain of the debate team when he became a Christian at the University of Southern California. Since entering the full-time ministry, he has spoken around the world with his unique style of intersecting design, culture and rich biblical exposition. After directing student ministries in LA, John, his wife Arlene and two children, moved east to lead the Big Apple Church. John has a Masters degree in Biblical Studies and his article revisiting traditional interpretations of Leviticus 12 has been recently accepted for publication. His current project presents the Markan Jesus as a counterbrand to imperial conquest.


Reading the Markan Jesus as Roman Counterculture

From its incipit to the Passion, the gospel of Mark positions Jesus as a direct challenge to traditional Roman leadership models. This class reads Mark in its imperial setting, permeated by images of conquest. Greco-Roman literature, art and currency inscribed the paradigmatic man at the helm of political leadership, heroic in battle and silent in death. Conversely, the Markan Jesus held no political office, refused battle and died screaming. This class will explore how the image of Christ on a cross subverts traditional Roman tropes. As such, Mark’s gospel offers relevant and pragmatic counsel for how Christians can navigate socio-political culture today.

Friday, February 25th

3:30 PM - 4:30 PM



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John Markowski