Hannah Desouza

Chișinău, Moldova

Hannah grew up in London and is currently serving as a missionary in Chișinău, Moldova as a member of the RevivEE (Revive Eastern Europe) team. Prior to this she worked as a young professionals and campus minister for the Boston Church of Christ. Hannah received her Masters in Victorian Literature from Oxford University in 2016, where her dissertation centered on feminism and theology. She was the youngest speaker to present her research at a literary conference held in Chawton House, England (the former home of Jane Austen) where she spoke on biblical allusions in the novels of the Brontës. In the fall Hannah intends to begin a Masters in Theology with a focus on Religion, Literature and Culture. Hannah has also worked closely with HOPE worldwide, leading volunteer corps in Papua New Guinea, Zambia, South Africa and the Philippines as a Global Service Intern.


Ordering your Private World: Rethinking Quiet Times

Gordon MacDonald wrote in his book Ordering your Private World that "Western cultural values have naively inclined us to believe that the most publicly active person is also the most privately spiritual". He argues for the importance of having an interior world that is deep, rich and solid enough to be able to sustain the weight of the frenzied activity and pressures on the surface. (And he was writing in a world pre-social media and the technology takeover!) Today, how can we ensure we are not giving imbalanced attention to our public worlds at the cost of the private? How might our quiet times assist us in cultivating and ordering our private world? Has the hackneyed phrase 'quiet time' itself lost value over its years of use in the religious world and, if so, how might we reclaim it?

Friday, February 25th

3:30 PM - 4:30 PM



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Hannah Desouza