Guy Bavahe

Abidjan, Ivory Coast

Guy Bavahe is an engineer specialized in multichannel communications obtained at the Academy of Telecommunications of Odessa (Former USSR)
He holds a Master of Arts in biblical studies from Rocky Mountain School of Ministry and Theology, Denver Colorado.

Guy Bavahe is married for 13 years and has a beautiful daughter
He is currently an evangelist and teacher at the Abidjan Church of Christ and a church supervisor in French-speaking West Africa
He is also the senior administrator of the French-speaking West Africa School of Missions
He speaks excellent French, to a lesser extent English and Russian. He is a fluent reader of N.T. Greek.


A Practical Guide to Interpreting One Passage of Scripture

It is good to know that one cannot read the Bible without interpreting it, just as one cannot read any book that exists without interpreting it. And no one comes neutrally before the Holy Scriptures. Everyone comes to it with his or her own cultural, religious, philosophical and other backgrounds, hence the importance of a practical guide to biblical interpretation in order to avoid all kinds of bias. This practical guide aims to ensure a correct interpretation of the Scriptures in order to bring out the true message conveyed by the author and to apply it correctly to our context and our own lives.

This work is not intended as a guide to interpretation. We will simply recall some important steps to follow when dealing with a text of Scripture; the important questions to ask at each step. Then I will take a practical case, that is to say; a passage of Scripture as an example and show how to make a good biblical interpretation.

Friday, February 25th

3:30 PM - 4:30 PM



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Guy Bavahe