Cindy Fetherman

Colorado, USA

Cindy has been a disciple for 27 years, born and 21 years later baptized in the island of Guam in 1994. She is currently living in Colorado where through RMSMT and Lincoln Christian University, she was able to pursue her Master of Arts in Biblical Studies and Master of Arts in Bible and Theology. She is currently pursuing her Master of Arts in Biblical Languages, learning Greek and Hebrew.

Cindy is celebrating 22 years of marriage with her husband Don. They have three children—Emma, Josh and Luke.

She is honored to be a part of this conference.


Women in Hermeneutics—Amplifying Women’s Stories to Glean from the Heart of God

Women’s stories are best told by women. The stories of women in the Scriptures are no different. It is important for women to delve into the field of hermeneutics so we can help ourselves and others gain greater insights into the heart of God and why these women’s stories are written.

For they are written to teach all of us about the heart of our God.

Friday, February 25th

3:30 PM - 4:30 PM



• A Short Introduction to Hermeneutics, David Jasper
• IVP Women’s Bible Commentary
• The Blue Parakeet, Scot McKnight
• Women Serving God, John Mark Hicks
• Are Women Human?, Dorothy L. Sayers
• Roman Wives, Roman Widows, Bruce Winter
• Men and Women in the Church, Sarah Sumner

Cindy Fetherman