Christopher Schwartzenberger

Spokane, Washington, USA

Christopher Schwartzenberger is an aspiring teacher and writer and serves as the evangelist of the Spokane Christian church in Spokane, Washington. He has a Masters in Religious Education from Rochester University and will be pursuing a Masters in Theology from George Fox University this fall. He is currently working on the Northwest Academy of Ministry and Missions to train and equip ministry staff and lay leaders in theology and Bible. Christopher led campus ministries in Oregon and Arizona before taking the lead ministry role in Spokane (the church he was converted in while in college at Eastern Washington University) nine years ago. He and his wife Amy have three kids Aaden (11), Avery (7) and Adelyn (5 months). Christopher enjoys reading, listening to records, drinking coffee and watching movies.


Inviting the Holy Spirit into Our Hermeneutics

Jesus promised his followers that it is better for him to leave; that it is to our benefit to have the Counselor come. The Counselor that will convict and remind us of everything necessary to follow God. We affirm that the Holy Spirit is the breath of Scripture and has been promised and indwelled within each believer, but do we trust and rely on that same Spirit to guide our interpretation. Is the Spirit relevant to our understanding and reading of scripture or has it done its work in giving us the Bible? Does the Holy Spirit have ongoing work in helping us to discover meaning, purpose and application of Scripture? This class will create a posture of Spirit-inspired openness that helps Bible readers, preachers, teachers and communities surrender our understanding to the Spirit that reveals and “searches everything, even the depths of God."

Friday, February 25th

2:00 PM - 3:00 PM




Christopher Schwartzenberger